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The Idol
“The Idol” play tells about representatives of a dangerous and romantic profession - mountain climbers. Who are they? Are they heroes haloed with fame or quite ordinary people of flesh and blood? This question is to be revealed by a journalist Cyrill Sumyatov which has to write a newspaper story about the brave conquerors of mountains. After successful climbing the forbidding Devil’s Fang peak the four mountaineers are having rest at a tourist camp. Cyrill Sumyatov and a careless tourist Alla Bokova join them. The friendly company is having fun which is suddenly broken by an urgent radio message about a group of mountaineers which has been lost. It turns out that Alla Bokova’s husband is among the lost. Everybody decides to go searching for them right away. However, different life circumstances get in the way with the altruistic plans of each person. In the easy and understandable form the play challenges a viewer with eternal questions of conscience and fame passion, marriage-bed and misconduct. Also it challenges a viewer to mediate about searching of true vocation despite of the price he has to pay.