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The Importance of Being Prudence
Prudence and Joshua are two people happy with their routine lives. She is in love with books, while Joshua is attracted to just about anyone with muscles. Not surprisingly, complication arises when a gorgeous man with large muscles walks through the door. “Gorgeous doesn’t mean dateable.” Tongue-in-cheek humor, heart breaking drama, and whirlwind romance of girl-meets-vampire and vampire-bites-girl-then-leaves are just part of why this story will be read over and over. Excerpt from The Importance of being Prudence: “Pru, just look at him sweetie. That right there is a perfect example of a sexy man. Now get your overworked, under loved ass over there and ask him if you can help him. ... Before I could finish what was quickly becoming a tirade, I was interrupted by the aforementioned, sex oozing man. He even smelled good. No, good was not an adequate word. He smelled brilliant. ...still looking me in the eyes and holding my hand close to his mouth... I couldn't recall ever enjoying someone's breath on my palm... “My name has been spoken more times than I can recall. Never before has hearing it brought me to my knees. Come to me,” he said, visible shaken.