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The Incredible History Of ABC-TV/60 Years Of Fascinating Facts

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

In early 1953, ABC-TV was an also-ran. Its two top shows were Sunday religious-based programs. Its founder was running out of money and couldn't get loans. In came Leonard Goldenson and United Paramount Theaters and a cash infusion. Goldenson gave ABC-TV a respectable 1953-1954 program schedule that helped knock-off rival Dumont - but its journey was just beginning. ABC-TV began with little ratings, few TV stations, no stars, no sports and nary a news presence. Goldenson and his team (s) began building the network - and with different thinking then his competitors. Re-live ABC-TV's journey - month-by-month: the challenges, the conquests, the ratings, the personalities, the programs, the trends, the firsts - pop culture - in the most complete look at its history. Presented "as it happened" in a concise and thorough year-month timeline beginning with the year 1953. ABC-TV has a history of "firsts" - find out what they were. From landing Disney - to airing Disneyland to Disney owner. From Davy Crockett to David Muir. From little ratings to big ratings. From antenna TV to cable, satellite and the Internet. The personalities with ABC-TV longevity? ABC-TV actors that went on to bigger things? And, it took ABC-TV 28 years to achieve exactly what? What personality had the most air-time on ABC-TV? The most controversial ABC-TV show. That's just the beginning. Follow names such as Dick Clark, Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Sam Donaldson and many many more. ABC-TV has created thousands and thousands of memories. Not a Wiki-book or Wiki reference. 99% of the research was done off-line. It's exactly what you can not get from the Internet, Google or Wiki.