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Amy Raines
The Innocent ?
Amy Raines, author
Four years after a horrific wreck in Raven Lake, Caleb is left with no memory of his life prior, Although his fiancé, friends and coworkers are very helpful and supportive of him. Gina (Caleb's Fiancé) is attacked in their home by a bizarre man asking bizarre questions that she can not answer, which enrages him more. The attacker is the result of the crash, an alter persona per se, that not only walks and talks, but kills. Strange notes and gifts begin to show up that seem to be clues as to what caused the bizarre split, although that proves to be the least of their worries. Through research, trial and error they learn that Raven Lake Woods, just past Raven Lake, holds a terrifying secret. A second lake, a lake with a fiery need to destroy as it serves as the gates to a hellish holding room for the damned who have found a new avenue to access the natural world. Some people in this small town (Heart Line, Missouri) are aware and trying to find a way to seal the gates closed for good. Which is apparently a fight that has been taking place here for centuries, without success.