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The Inspiring Mind of a Quixotic Girl
C.M. Frank, author
Set in New Orleans, The Inspiring Mind of a Quixotic Girl tells the story of seventeen year old, Bliss Fontaine, a quixotic girl by nature, as starry-eyed and idealistic as they come. Bliss has been forced to live a sheltered, verbally abusive life, with her wealthy, egotistical, and neurotic mother. Longing to solve the mystery surrounding her father's sudden disappearance from her life, at the age of four, Bliss recruits the help of her only friend, her mother's maid, Neely. Together, they plan their great escape. Escape from the oppression of Bliss' mother, Cecily Fontaine, and escape from what Bliss claims is their certain death, "lack of creative stimulation and suffocation of spirit." With the help of a dancing hoodoo woman, Bliss and Neely learn about the power of freedom and the perseverance of the female spirit