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The Kennedy assassination is considered to be THE crime of the 20th century - a modern-day myth. Do you believe the official version, or the conspiracy theories? Whatever your opinion might be, this suspense novel will captivate you, from its opening pages to its surprising conclusion. Just try to guess what happens! Summary: Joshua Mandley finds himself entrusted with the delicate mission of carrying out a new investigation into the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, using the most modern and innovative investigative techniques. Working with Mei Wang, an expert on the JFK affair, the investigators set off in search of the truth. But there appear to be people with unknown intentions who want to hinder their work . . . From the skyscrapers of New York to the rural landscapes near Dallas, the two investigators are thrown into a remarkable hunt for clues - and risk their own lives in the process. Will they succeed, 54 years after the fact, in solving this fascinating mystery that still haunts America?