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The Karma Code

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

After a controversial American researcher is murdered in a remote Finnish village, Boston investigator Harry Walker receives a call from Candice--the victim's grieving niece. Determined to uncover her uncle's murderer, Candice finds herself in need of protection from the same forces that led to her uncle's demise. In a fight for survival through Finland, Scotland, and the United States, Harry and Candice face the greed of investors and rogue agents, who all want to get their hands on what is being called the Karma Code, an experiment potentially capable of accessing a surviving consciousness and predicting a person's fate. Unless Harry and Candice can find someone to trust amid the treachery around them, they--and the Code--are in danger of disappearing for good.
Readers' Favorite - FIVE STARS

Reviewed by Jane Finch for Readers' Favorite

The Karma Code by Daniel Davidsohn is a story of intrigue, murder, and unravelling the secret surrounding the Karma Code, an experimental operation that sees those seeking to use it for illicit purposes hunting down and killing any who stand in their way. It seems the only one who can prevent the Karma Code falling into the wrong hands is Candice, who hires investigator Harry Walker to help her in her quest to find her uncle’s killer, her uncle having been the first person to be murdered as the secret experiment begins to be revealed. However, Harry’s involvement turns from seeking the truth to protecting the person who hired him as corrupt figures in authority seek to extract from Candice the key to the Karma Code.

Well written, fast paced, and intriguing, this story keeps the reader in suspense as the mystery unfolds. The character of Harry is believable and the reader has empathy for him as he enters a rollercoaster of a ride which he is not quite as equipped to handle as his employer had thought. There is also a little touch of romance woven in at the end to enhance the conclusion, but not so much as to detract from the storyline and intrigue. The Karma Code is unusual and unexpected, but the characters involved in its development are believable, which gives the whole story credence. A well thought out and well planned story that was enjoyable to read, and with characters such as Harry that could conceivably have more adventures in the future.

The US Review of Books - RECOMMENDED

Reviewed by Joe Kilgore

"One day, when it becomes evident that consciousness survives our bodily reality, our entire manual of existence will be rewritten."
     A bleeding man staggers his way through the snow. Constantly looking behind him to see if he's being chased, he eventually stumbles, falls, and dies. His final words ignite an international chase that will cross countries, continents, and perhaps even centuries. It's a slam-bang opening for this first-rate action thriller filled with spies, private eyes, and psychics with mystical ties.

     Harry is an extremely well paid Boston investigator who snags corporate clients by embellishing his ex-military credentials. He figures there's no harm done since he's rarely asked to do more than find expense report cheats or crooked bookkeepers. Then he gets a call from a woman whose uncle has been murdered. Before he knows it, he's off to Finland where he's not only looking into one murder, he's also trying to keep his client from being kidnapped or worse--and he just might not be up to the task.

     Davidsohn fills his pages with car chases, near misses, and startling violence that keep readers' adrenaline pumping, while he involves their intellects with a compelling proposition. Suppose there were individuals not only capable of communicating with spirits, but also of charting their previous lives and predicting the destiny of the life they're living now. Yes, in this tale, reincarnation meets karma and some rather greedy people want control.

     The author's plot is intricately woven. His characters, both good guys and bad, seem real, human, vulnerable, and refreshingly devoid of super powers--well, physical super powers anyway. Davidsohn has a cinematic style that keeps things tense, taught, and once the game's afoot, terminally in high gear. If you've got a thing for thrillers, you'll likely enjoy breaking The Karma Code.

Whirlwind Odyssey Filled With Murder, Greed and Paranormal Mystery

SAO PAULO, June 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Daniel Davidsohn ( announces the publication of his newest international thriller, "The Karma Code," which will be available on Kindle on June 29.

"The Karma Code" unfolds in Davidsohn's typically fast-paced style. When an American research scientist is murdered in a remote Finnish village, his distraught niece is determined to bring those responsible to justice. She calls on Boston private investigator Harry Walker, and together the two of them set off for Scandinavia. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Candice and Harry have a target on their backs.

What follows from this setup is a race for survival across Finland, Scotland and the U.S. Everyone has the same objective - to seize the murdered researcher's controversial experiment, known as the Karma Code, which has the power to access a surviving human consciousness and predict an individual's fate.

Academic research into the paranormal is not confined to the pages of fiction, and Davidsohn took inspiration for "The Karma Code" from some of these little-known investigations at prestigious institutions. For example, the University of Virginia's Department of Perceptual Studies continues to explore topics like reincarnation, near death experiences (NDEs) and communications with the deceased. In addition, the VERITAS and SOPHIA projects at the University of Arizona have conducted similar inquiries.

The jury is still out on the reality of paranormal phenomenon - which is no doubt part of what makes it such appealing and provocative subject matter for works of fiction. Moreover, proof of such phenomenon and its practical implications would be extremely valuable. It's natural, then, that Candice and Harry are being hotly pursued in "The Karma Code": The knowledge they carry is worth killing for.

The US Review of Books offers a strong recommendation for "The Karma Code," saying "the author's plot is intricately woven. His characters, both good guys and bad, seem real, human, vulnerable, and refreshingly devoid of super powers--well, physical super powers anyway. Davidsohn has a cinematic style that keeps things tense, taught, and once the game's afoot, terminally in high gear. If you've got a thing for thrillers, you'll likely enjoy breaking 'The Karma Code.'"

About the Author

Daniel Davidsohn was born in 1969. His keen interest in the creative arts led him to direct experimental short films and write several screenplays. One of these, Café, was well received and won the contest in 2005.

He is the author of several novels, including "From The Nile to The Euphrates" (2009 - Portuguese Edition), "Mare Crisium" (2015 - Portuguese Edition), "A Higher Power" (2016) and "The Karma Code" (2017).