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The King's Daughter

     The King's Daughter tells the sweeping tale of four Irish fishermen who journey from Ireland to America in search of a new life. When they settle on a remote wilderness island in Lake MIchigan their peaceful and promising refuge suddenly becomes a battleground of religious conflict and social unrest. A colony of Mormon settlers takes control of the island and James Strang, their charismatic leader, declares himself to be "King of the Mormons."

     Centered on a forbidden love affair between King Strang's daughter Sarah and Andy, a young Irish fisherman, the novel explores the tensions that existed between immigrant groups and the dramatic impact of the Mormon presence on Beaver Island, Michigan. As escalating conflict consumes the island and Strang's kingdom crumbles, Sarah and Andy must fight for their love, leading the novel to an astonishing conclusion.

     The King's Daughter takes the reader on a thrilling journey of adventure, the birth and death of a kingdom, the relentless ambition of the immigrant spirit, and, through it all, the undying passion of young love amid one of the most compelling moments in Michigan history.

Amazon review

Well researched and presented

As a frequent visitor to Beaver Island, the setting for this story, I enjoyed envisioning the places I am familiar with during another era. The story line is very engaging and held me from beginning to end. Most novels I read are entertaining only while I am reading them. This is one of those stories that you carry with you for awhile, regretting that it is finished.I believe all readers would enjoy The KIng's Daughter  even if they know nothing about the history or the era or the location. I highly recommend it.

Nancy Whitlock, Amazon reader

Amazon review

Great HIstorical Fiction

This is historical fiction at its best. I began my two week visit to Beaver Island reading this novel and happily got transported back to the island in the mid-1800s. If you love reading historical fiction or if you want to learn more about early Irish fishermen in Michigan and the famous Mormon attempt to create a kingdom in the Midwest, read this novel. You will come away wanting to learn more about "King" James Strang who "ruled" Beaver Island for a half a dozen years. I really enjoyed this book and how the characters have stayed with me. The book leaves me wanting more! 

Kathryn M. Hartrick, Amazon reader

Amazon review

The worst thing that can happen to an author...

The worst thing that can happen to an author is to have his new release reviewed by another author. We authors love to find fault because we are envious of the author's strengths, so we manage to dig out their weaknesses. Alas, The King's Daughter  by Daniel Hendrix is a production without fault. The subject covers an interesting venue and period of history that is little appreciated by Americans- the settling of the northeast part of North America. If you admire the wilderness of northern Michigan then you must read this novel. The book will capture your interest and hold it. My own writing about the region led me to Hendrix's novel.

The author shows his dedication and devotion to his work. At no time does he slip in awkward, inappropriate material just for the sake of producing. Instead of telling the reader, "It was warm and sunny with clouds in the sky," he develops much of the physical background by relating it through dialogue. This gives his story an active character. The reader won't find herself mumbling, let's get on with the story! The heavy dependence upon interactive dialogue in the beginning makes for somewhat difficult reading because of the punctuation marks required with this format.

Dialogue is everything for this author. He has lived in the locale and experienced his surroundings, and has been able to project himself back in time in order to become a part of the scene. The author uses dialogue at its best to develop his characters as the story progresses. You are never told what to think or to feel; instead you are carried along as the story develops. The care in choosing words for his characters shows good sensitivity; words are selected carefully and he makes sure they are appropriate and contemporary. Mr. Hendrix is and artist and a craftsman in love with his subject.

Wilson H. Guertin, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL                                          Author, Wilson's Web, Martin Provost, Survivor (writing as Jonathan B. Slow 


Northern Islander, Beaver Island, Michigan

The King's Daughter is an enjoyable read

Recently published in a brand new edition, The King's Daughter by Daniel Hendrix is an enduring love story between the young protagonist Sarah Strang (King Strang's daughter) and her best friend Andy McGuire (an Irish fisherman). The story tells how their friendship progresses and all the while the reader learns about Beaver Island and its history. 

This book is highly recommended for people who are curious about Beaver Island and who want to learn biographical information about KIng Strang through a suspenseful historical fiction narrative. Or, if you just enjoy a really good story told is a skillful way, you will enjoy this great book!

Northern Islander review written by Olga Burton

Traverse Area District Library, Traverse City, Michigan

"Historical fiction at its finest."

National Writers Series: Author Next Door

Daniel Hendrix was selected as an "Author Next Door" by the National Writers Series in December, 2013. The Author Next Door program recognizes local and emerging authors in the Traverse City, MIchigan area.