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The King's Frog Hunter
Ken Young , author

In the ancient land of Ameram, where giant, man eating frogs lurk in the marshes, an aging and vain king succumbs to the evil that is grasping control of his kingdom. A wicked sorcerer has put a spell on him and stolen the throne from the rightful heir, the king's only child, Ekala. The King's Frog Hunter, and his companions, a Paint stallion, a giant shell creature, a Great Horned Owl, a sculptor of Stone Truth and his daughter, help the princess fight to save her father and fulfill a prophecy that will change their world forever. The story is about being strong. knowing who you are and living in the truth. It's about the value of friendship, commitment, choosing the right path, and ultimately, grace and forgiveness.It is a gripping quest story suitable for early teens and adults as well.