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The Land of the Far Away Tree
THE LAND OF THE FAR AWAY TREE Synopsis \tFAIRIES HANSLIP, HETTIP, COXWORTH and MAYWORTH are horrified to learn that their families along with the rest of the folk of the LAND OF THE FAR AWAY TREE have come under DRUCILLDA’S evil curse. \tDown in the BLACK CASTLE evil brews as Drucillda, the banished princess, has other plans for the Land of the Far Away Tree. This year, she has not been invited to the graduation ceremony of the young fairies, therefore, she is angry, rejected and vows revenge on this happy land. She employs her evil spies KLONG, GNOSHI and the evil bird-like creature called KAPUN KRUNKY. She is also set on stealing the ROCK OF BEAUTY – a rose that holds power over the Land of the Far Away Tree. She sends her evil spies to bury the Land with fungus and to abduct KING LUPIN, MOTHER HANNAH the Baker and MASTER HAMMERSMITH the Iron Smithy. \tBut there is hope; these four fairies -- Hanslip, who is the chosen one, Hettip his sister and their friends Coxworth and his sister Mayworth -- have hidden themselves in a rabbit tunnel and escaped from Drucillda’s curse. They are determined to save their Land, no matter how difficult it might be. They begin their adventure with their friends CUDDLEY the rabbit, FRICKERTY the loveable rat, SLOWCOACH the earthworm, and LUCY the intelligent spider. Their adventure takes them to the HOUSE OF SWEETS where they are held prisoners until WOMBIT and odd looking goblin saves them. They soar into the night skies on a MAGIC FEATHER and are advised by a MAGIC BOOK. EVIL RED EYES spy on them and the forest entices them to touch whatever they see. Their path is lit with a thousand fireflies and sparkling stones encrusted dangerously in the walls of the tunnel. Cuddley sees carrots that disappear into thin air. At the fountain in the tunnel they meet seven wise old men and seven old wise women; they also meet interesting animals who are on their way to meet PRINCESS OF NATURE. \tIn order to accomplish their mission they must go to Drucillda’s Black Castle – a mission that seems impossible and very dangerous. There are black poisonous snakes, vicious crows, two angry elephants and huge GANGLIA flowers that will eat up anything and everything. Here they meet Gnoshi’s brother MHUE – whom Drucillda changed into a thirteen eyed toad. When Hanslip and Coxworth are taken prisoner and Hettip must lead the others to help save her brother, Coxworth and all the other trapped fairies and animals. Their mission is difficult but they are determined in their quest.