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The Last Chance Lawyer

Daniel Pike has a passion for justice. He's used his unique ability to "connect the dots," observing what others do not, to become the most notorious criminal lawyer in St. Petersburg. He's dedicated his life to rebelling against authority, living an unfettered life, and making sure the government doesn't railroad his clients. But everything changes when a violent tragedy forces him out of his law firm. He's contacted by a group calling themselves the Last Chance Lawyers. They take their assignments from a managing partner known as Mr. K who speaks remotely by Skype--but pays all the bills, including a generous salary. 


Mr. K's first assignment appears to be a simple adoption, but Dan soon discovers connections to a much larger conspiracy involving Florida gangs, Salvadoran cartels, politics--and murder. His client, Gabriella Valdez, is the only woman who can prevent a precocious nine-year-old orphan from being deported--if Dan prevents Valdez from being convicted on a Murder One death-penalty rap. Dan uses every trick he knows in a high-stakes trial filled with unexpected twists and breathtaking surprises. But when blood-soaked threats arrive, Dan realizes that winning the case might be a death sentence for him—and everyone he hoped to protect.