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The Last Stand of the Asiatic Fleet
David DuBois, author
The Last Stand of the Asiatic Fleet chronicles the opening days of World War II in the Pacific and the demise of the US Navy's Asiatic Fleet, relying extensively on primary sources such as combat narratives, after action reports, ship's logs and testimony from congressional hearings. Most people are aware of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941 but few people know that the Japanese also attacked Wake Island, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Guam on the same day. While the Pacific Fleet was extensively damaged in Pearl Harbor, the United States also had another fleet in the Pacific, based in the Philippines, the Asiatic Fleet. The commander of the Asiatic Fleet, Four Star Admiral Thomas C. Hart had seen the handwriting on the wall and on Dec 7 he had most of his ships safely out of range of the Japanese. DuBois' extensive analysis and historically-substantiated revision of the standard narrative surrounding the initial weeks and months of the Pacific war is a must-read for every World War II historian or enthusiast.