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Jimmy Vee
The Last Up: A Curious Tale About The Future Of Sales
Jimmy Vee, author
Meet Mark Dunham, a guy struggling to keep his life afloat who reluctantly finds himself selling cars. The next up is his, but he's clueless and hasn't sold a single car. Having tried nearly everything, including standing roadside in a gorilla costume, he comes across an old movie projector in the basement of the dealership, which opens a portal through time. This unlikely discovery thrusts Mark into an epic adventure where he uncovers a new way of selling cars, taught to him by the late founder of the dealership himself. It's a race against time, a battle of life or death. Mark's marriage and family hang in the balance, depending on him to solve a mysterious riddle and rise victorious against a malicious old-dog car salesman and reinvent a business heading in the wrong direction. If you own, manage or work in sales, this story has the power to change everything and make what you do more valuable. The future of sales and how you can reap the biggest rewards from the opportunity are revealed in this powerful and enchanting tale.