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The Last Wizard of Eneri Clare
Traumatized by a tragic accident at the wizardry school where he is a student, Tvrdik retreats to the solitude of the ancient forest. But his fragile peace is shattered when his old Master shows up to recruit him for a classic battle of good and evil. Tvrdik may be the only person who can tip the balance, and the stakes are frighteningly high. If he is to succeed, he must team up with Lady Jorelial Rey, the spirited, dragon-riding regent of a kingdom in chaos, and they must convince the established powers of the land to embrace decidedly unconventional methods of winning the fight. Together with a ragtag assortment of courageous allies, including dragons, unicorns, bards, talking beasts, and one very wild water sprite, the pair set about saving their beloved homeland from a ruthless usurper, using their wits, creativity, and a sprinkling of magic. But will hope and determination be enough for the very last wizard of Eneri Clare, and his friends, to meet the daunting challenges ahead, and set the trajectory of history itself back on course? This is a story about finding a new way to fight for what is precious, an adventure filled with second chances, surprise twists, and, above all, the power of hope, fellowship, and love, to move mountains.