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The Legend of Erwand
From the outside, Ehrien Gordon is just a normal girl. If you took a closer look you’d know about Ehrien’s hallucinations, about the things only she sees, hears and feels. If you were brave enough to get close, you would wish you hadn’t.Through a chance encounter and a misstep, Ehrien learns her hallucinations are real. And with that knowledge she is forced to accept that her past and all she has ever believed to be true are lies. With that knowledge Ehrien finds herself in a war between two worlds, the world she calls her home and the world that is her home.Struggling to understand just how powerful she really is, Ehrien finds herself falling deeper and deeper into a world of shadows she is unable to control. One that will eat her alive if she fails to. How far is she willing to go to save them? To save everyone? Even if, in the end, she cannot save herself?