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The Legend of Santa Dan and Mark the Elf
Santa Claus and an Elf are not mythical entities. Santa Dan and Mark the Elf are real-life human beings who live in central Iowa. Their charming and endearing antics have delighted the hearts of many unsuspecting souls from infants to gen-xer’s to well-seasoned citizens all year long, not just between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Laugh, cry and become mesmerized as these two buddies entertain you to your hearts content as they transform themselves into Santa and the Elf, or into two beautiful brides and even as they become a Priest and Altar Boy. Who first called them “nincompoops?” Can they sing? How is their golf game? Las Vegas, London and Denmark are explored. There are encounters with a brave Marine, an Olympic Gold Medalist and a Royal Prince. Their amazing adventures are boundless and captivating memories are at your fingertips. Begin your journey by opening the book.