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The Light From Dead Stars
Larry Bain plays bass and keyboards with the once famous Ozone, a freak rock and acid band that refuses to die. Without the charismatic and iconic singer, Thomas Winter, who has died in mysterious circumstances, Larry hopes the band will fold so he can go home and return to a simpler way of life. When they are informed by the tyrannical and savage Hector Morgan, CEO of Terminal Records, that they are broke and must once more tear a path through the UK, Europe and the USA, treading the stages, hotels and bars on the never ending tour circuit, Larry and the band’s plans for retirement are ruined, and the prospect of another year of chaos populated by insane characters such as Seamus ‘Mad Max’ Flynn, the Irish and three times banned ex tank and tour bus driver, Rick Miller, free spirit and ex founder member, Danny Judd, band manager and money launderer; Tiny, six feet seven of tour hardened and indestructible roadie, the band members themselves, Jerry Moore, Don Nelson, Keith Schofield, move as a collective of greed, alcoholism, manic depression and book club membership, Steppenwolf, the band’s drug dealer and chemically adjusted philosopher, and the fans…always the fans, who range from the extreme to the walking dead, and Jenny the PA, who everyone falls in love with. Following the tour is ‘Cotton’ Dave, a twenty year old fan frustrated with his dead end life and his incurably normal friends, who decides to abandon his job and follow the band in ‘Betty,’ his VW camper. Cotton Dave and Larry Bain’s lifestyles collide during the last show when Jerry Moore throws Larry’s rubber chicken mascot into the audience where it is caught by Dave who then decides to return it to him in person as a means of meeting his heroes. Fate steps in when Steppenwolf, the bands ‘sacked’ drug dealer meets Dave at a service station and a Faustian pact is formed. If Dave will drive Steppenwolf back to London for a confrontation with Hector, he will get him a job with the band. On the way, Dave encounters his own series of characters such as ‘the ladies of the road,’ out to steal what they can in the pursuit of their lifestyle, and South Central Kelly, a Stone Henge investigator with theories about the nature of the stone circle that are unknowingly connected to the band. Their journey takes them through the chaos of Britain, the changing face of Europe and a coast to coast tour of the USA that stretches before them like a pharmaceutical chasm populated by music business predators and the reinstated Steppenwolf attempting to spike everyone with his latest acquisition, a mind apocalypse strain of LSD called Area 51. The tour is booked, the journey begun, the guitars tuned, now it’s time to see if you can stay sober, sane and alive as unknown to all except Steppenwolf, Larry and Jerry, the band pursue Larry’s rubber chicken which contains a Swiss bank account number giving access to the ‘lost’ three million pounds in royalties.