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The Light Horse Ghost and The Crocodile Hotel
Julie Janson, author
Genre: Historical Fiction words, 92,000 words. “The Ghost Horse” follows the life of Iris, a sixteen year old girl and her family in Boulder, Kalgoorlie in the Gold Fields of West Australia on the home coming of her father Albert from 1918 to 1921. A ghost of a horse follows Albert home. Albert Jamesson spends his Sunday afternoons drinking beer from a crate in the backyard and telling World War 1 stories of ‘The Great Ride’ into Beersheba and Damascus. Iris hears it all and tries to keep her love for her father in the face of his alcoholism and later desertion of his wife, Ailish. Iris’s brothers, Tom and Harry and her wild uncontrollable sister, As two years pass, Iris grows increasingly restless and longs to run away to a new life without the poverty and control of her father. Albert is not inconvenienced when his wife leaves him. He expects Iris, will become his daughter/housekeeper. She leaves school and takes a job in a nursing home while cooking, cleaning and caring for her family. However, the ghost horse wrecks the house.
The Crocodile Hotel: Novel about a young Aboriginal woman in 1970s Australia Nor

The Crocodile Hotel is the first novel by celebrated Aboriginal playwright Julie Janson. This story strikes deep into Australia's heart. An epic story of a young Aboriginal  single mother's awakening of identity and compassion in a remote Northern Territory community in 1976.