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The Logic Bomb
Tom Tresh is a small-time Los Angeles attorney always looking for a big score. Divorced and broke, with an ex-wife and a seven year old son to support, Tom has spent his career trying to walk the line between defending his criminal clients and becoming involved in their crimes. So when his old friend Charlie asks him to help broker a deal for a mysterious new computer program and promises him a huge payday for his services, Tom is willing to turn a blind eye to the details. Big mistake. Two of the people involved in the theft are found gruesomely slaughtered in a vacant lot. It’s a warning. If Tom doesn’t return the program, a “Logic Bomb” capable of destroying the world’s vital computer systems, then all Tom has -- his family, his friends, his life -- will be brutally exterminated. Tom’s frantic fight to unravel the conspiracy erupts into an all-out war waged in court and in the street against a cartel of corporate thugs, Chinese spies, domestic terrorists, and the U.S. government. Tom recruits an army of his own, led by the head of a murderous LA gang, a beautiful and deadly former cop, and a mysterious genius hacker. As Tom’s team races towards a fierce and violent showdown, no one can be trusted and everything is at stake