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Matt McAvoy
Author, Service Provider
The Medal of Purity
Matt McAvoy, editor

The harrowing account of a Nazi family in World War Two. 

Karl Borch is a senior SS officer, promoted to commandant of Pullhausen concentration camp.  Karl’s brief, as a eugenics physician, is to create an Aryan master race, eradicating genetic defects from society and physically enhancing humans through experimentation and surgical procedure, while maintaining a holiday camp atmosphere for Nazi party propaganda.

As the war progresses, and his son and daughter learn more about the atrocities taking place in the Jewish ghettoes and concentration camps of Poland and Germany, Magda, Karl’s daughter, takes her own stand, making dreadful sacrifices. 

When the war is finally over and the camps are liberated, Karl and his fellow SS officers learn what it is like to be the persecuted ones.

F. Fifer

In true B P Smythe style that wasn’t the ending that I was expecting. Scary how apart of the story you feel, so much so that sometimes I wanted to distance myself from the book and lengthen the gap between reading sections.
Didn’t fail to surprise although some short stories included. Interesting how the short stories turned into this book or maybe it’s the other way around. Which came first? The short stories? Or the full novel?
Looking forward to the next release.
Honest review provided in exchange for copy. Thank you again BPS.


What can I say? This is the best read I have had in ages. If you like a good book about nazis or concentration camps then this one is for you. It’s very fast paced keeping you on the edge of your seat from the word go. It’s well written and will have you hooked. Characters all linked in one way or another through the medal of purity. You see how each one all goes a separate way and where they end up years after the war. Nothing I say will do the book justice you must read for yourself. You won’t be disappointed . I’m sad it’s ended now. Hate when you are enjoying a book this much and it ends. You just know no matter what book you lift next it won’t compare to this one.


Really enjoyed book from start to finish. The storyline is about the war and goes into the atrocities that happened I learnt something from this book and brings it home what happened. I felt you really didn’t want to put the novel down and feel it is for people interested in the world war.


I've now read several of B P Smythe's books and thoroughly enjoyed them. So when I saw that this one was now available on Amazon's website, it was for me a must have. It's one of those books where you can't put it down but you feel sorry when you come to the end because it was even better than the others I had read. I enjoy Smythe's style of writing and the skilled, professional way he builds up the suspense. A great read and I loved it