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The Miracle Prince: The Power of the Pearl
Three thirteen-year-olds accused of stealing the world’s most valuable object. A real thief with dangerous intentions. Can they stop the thief and save the world before it’s too late? An absolute must-read for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Chronicles of Narnia! Thirteen-year-old Alaric Swift lives a tough, lonely life. He’s never known his parents, nor had any friends. However, everything changes after his adoptive parents attempt to eat him, and he’s taken to live on the magical island of Harramore. The reason? Alaric is the son of the most powerful being to have ever existed—the King Guardian, Rei. So begins a magical adventure as Alaric learns to master hidden extraordinary powers, meets creatures beyond his imagination, and gets caught up in a plot to steal the world’s most dangerous object, the Golden Pearl. The Power of the Pearl is a captivating opening to the Miracle Prince series and a page-turning debut.