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The Moon Will Come
Seventeen-year-old Calliope Clarke of Jamaica drops out of school, abruptly leaves Jamaica with a tattered cardboard suitcase, a machete for protection, and a hunger for learning. Uneducated. Unsophisticated. Wise beyond her young years. If HIGH HOPES were currency, Callie Clarke is rich. She lies about her age, and gets a job on a cruise ship. The lounge manager discovers her remarkable singing voice. Callie sings her way to Oregon. This gentle tornado, with a laugh like warm summer thunder, blows into the lives of four people from diverse backgrounds. Throughout crises, conflicts, historical events -and one murder - live are changed. Readers will find themselves in Jamaica, Denmark, the former Czechoslovakia, Paris, Chicago and Oregon. Their literary journey will take them from 1925 to the day before '9/11'. All through her life, Callie Clarke focuses on one goal: She wants to make a difference in someone's life. In her late 70s, school drop-out Calliope Clarke is invited to address the graduating class of Jamaica's largest university. After she dies, her tombstone reads: Calliope Clarke Hunter Beloved Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother and Friend She Meant So Much To So Many (My novel: The Moon Will Come: 96,225 words)