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Roger Wells
Author, Illustrator
The Mysterion Dynasty
Roger Wells, author
For possibly the first time in the history of humankind, the book provides a complete description of how the mind operates and describes the fault in the mind that creates all the destruction and cruelty in the world and how to correct it. The book further describes the interplay of the conscious mind and how it communicates with the main mind and describes all the operators within the mind, all emotion and worry, and a way to improve all religions and governments by using communication similar to the mind processes. It describes the two memories in the mind which are totally different in their operation. By describing the fault in the mind and how to correct it, the book becomes the greatest hope for peace in our world. The author spent 38 years creating the five books in one volume and was uniquely enabled to discover all that exists within the mind and yet write the descriptions softly, thereby making the reader able to learn easily and become amazed with what the book contains. The book answers so many questions unanswered for so many years. Every page will be value to the reader.