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A.R. Bey
Author, Editor (anthology)
The Netherworld of Kemet: Kismet's Ray of Hope
A.R. Bey, author
The sequel to The Netherworld of Kemet, continues when the principal of Cedarbrook Middle School faints after receiving the fright of her life. What she witnesses is the catalyst of an eerie rumor that alarms and fascinates the entire town. Did Kismet and Ezra's principal really see a jackal-headed man in her bedroom, or was it a figment of her imagination? After mysterious hieroglyphics begin to appear on township buildings, including their school, their classmates launch a youth watch organization to monitor the strange occurrences. However, the bizarre events become surreal when an elusive Kemetic circus comes to town. Kismet and Ezra uncover startling revelations about Kismet's necklace, the Aset Knot, which leads them on another mystical adventure into the Netherworld of Kemet (Amenti).