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Kevin Nelson
Author, Editor (anthology)
The New Frontier In Education: Artificial Intelligence
Kevin Nelson, author

According to Education in the 60s and the 90s can definitely not be compared with education today. A lot has changed in terms of content and how it’s delivered. Education was originally a thing of the rich in society, and as such only a handful few had access and the places where it was offered were also limited. Over the years, education has become a basic necessity that must be accessed by all. In fact, governments have a responsibility of ensuring that their citizens have access to education. The internet has eased the process, making learning resources readily available for interested individuals. Technology in education is the revolution responsible for transforming this sector. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education is among the top factors that are changing the game. This is all thanks to the internet. In the US alone, children from as young as three are part of the 71 percent internet users. Artificial intelligence in education is the new trend. We could describe it as the future but then it’s happening now! The elite schools of the western world are embracing the use of AIs for various reasons but with one goal in mind – to make education better! Artificial Intelligence - The Perfect Tutor Learning in class isn’t always sufficient and in some cases, you just may need extra lessons. AIs are doing an excellent job of tutoring. Quite a number of edtech companies are working on developing AIs for tutoring purposes and they can actually be your full-time learning companion. Organizing curriculum solely based on a student’s progress, with close monitoring and instant feedback, are all factors that have been considered in the design of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS). Enrichment activities and regular practice exercise have also been factored in. These features are all based on the fundamental principles, Mastery Learning by Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist in the 1970s. There are programs that use AI and cognitive science, and as a result, give learners personalized tutoring that includes instant feedback. ITS benefits not just students but teachers too. They can prepare well and in advance for lessons to come with the help of these systems. Artificial Intelligence - The Perfect TA Teaching assistants do get overwhelmed! Yes, they do from dealing with students issues and having to ensure that you get all the necessary information and learning materials on time. AIs are stepping up. The TA can be responsible for answering basic student questions such as when and where learning materials can be accessed or informing students when classes are canceled. They focus on the basics which can be dealt with simple answers. The human TAs will then be left with helping students get personalized services such as discussions on topics that they haven’t understood and so on. Artificial Intelligence - The Perfect Content Source Across all learning levels, educational material is being transformed into digitized content. Textbook contents are customized into smart content such as flash cards, test quizzes; video, audio, true-false, and other multiple quiz practice questions. There are numerous online platforms that provide such digitized learning contents. The online library is an easily accessible by students. Digitized content is also great because it can be accessed across numerous devices. Whatever materials students want, they can access online, for example, essay topics for middle school, or college, a science research, math homework and so on. Artificial Intelligence for Grading The student grading process has been made easier with the help of these intelligent systems. Quite a number of learning institutions have embraced the use of AIs. Grading, especially for large lecture units was quite tedious for the lectures. This isn’t in the future, it’s happening now and the benefits are just amazing! Artificial Intelligence for Monitoring Students’ Progress Lecturers no longer have to wonder whether students are actually paying attention or they are just bored, and whether they understand the lesson or not. Digital technology is in place for this specific task. AI can detect students’ reaction and give immediate feedback which plays a significant role in determining what learning materials have a positive effect on students. Conclusion AI is a growing sector, with investments of up to $9 Billion on startups. This is an indicator that AI is the new frontier not just in education but other sectors too. It is the future of growth! Should we be afraid that AIs will completely replace the education system in place? Not necessarily, although they are transforming the education sector, we still need teachers in place. Even though robots aren’t in place yet, AI is very much already in most classrooms. Take examples of grading and access to content or tutoring, with the help of AI, the whole learning process has been made much easier.