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The Nightstalker
Carter Press, contributor
A large populated, academic high school with extremely aggressive kids, was targeted by a vengeful, hooded mask serial killer call the Nightstalker. The principal of the school attempts to deal with the aggressive and unethical behavior of students, including a white supremacist group, by delegating six gifted and athletic students who were just as aggressive to contend with the serious problems. The six super athletic females, who were seniors, vowed to clear the school aggressive and corrupt students. They uncovered a conspiracy by a white supremacist group to terminate the small number of African Americans students from the school at any cost. The sinister Nightstalker stalks and blows away victims of the school with a 44 magnum at a certain hour of the night. The killer only left gruesome bodies, but no other evidence or clues, making it very difficult for law enforcements to apprehend the perpetrator, which propelled the school and city into a terrifying panic. The police department was suffering from budget woes, and had only two detectives assign to the most gruesome murders ever to occur in the city; they were Linda Russo and Jackie Williams. Their work was cut out for them, investigating the serious situations at Lakewood High at times, and tracking the illusive Nightstalker at night. Linda Russo believes that the gruesome killings were somehow connected to the 1990 Nightstalker killings in her hometown in Michigan in which a relative was a victim.