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The Noble Brute
Two hundred and fifty years before Julius Caesar, Quintus Fabius ruled the Roman Republic. This is his story. The patrician nicknamed "Rullianus" was known for his brutish behavior, unkempt appearance—and love for Rome’s commoners. Born into the venerable Fabii family, this patrician ruffian grew from a reluctant soldier into an all-conquering dictator, vying with the legendary Lucius Papirius Cursor and Appius Claudius. The Noble Brute is a tale of destiny, freedom, magic, and self-sacrifice, set in a time when Rome grew from a city-state into Italia's dominant power. Join Quintus Fabius as he battles against the Volsci and Samnites, developing the weaponry and formations that will make Rome the ruler of the world. This is the first book of Martin Tessmer's Quintus Fabius Rullianus trilogy. He is known for his acclaimed Scipio Africanus series.