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The Occupied Territories
David Marc, author

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

When people think of the “Arab world”, they tend to think “Jews and Arabs”. This is totally wrong (and for those people who should actually know better, it is totally racist). This is the main reason why I wrote this booklet – to create awareness that in fact, most of this “Arab world”, i.e. the member countries of the Arab League aside from those on the Arabian peninsula, has been for many centuries, and is at present, Arab-occupied and, -colonized, territory, inhabited by a kaleidoscope of minority, indigenous, non-Arab, peoples, some of whom are even mentioned in the Bible. In addition to the occupation, many of these peoples often suffer from severe persecution from Arabs as well, regardless of whether they are Christian or Muslim. But I should emphasize though, that this is not an anti-Arab work. Legitimate criticism of Arabs does not make one anti-Arab. Indeed, there are many Arabs who fully realize that they live on other people’s lands and would be willing to be productive members of that society should the indigenous peoples of these lands liberate themselves from the occupation – an occupation that first began in the early 7th century during the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammed.

Very well written. Accurate information. Easy to understand. Thought provoking.