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The Odin Incident
The Odin Incident - Embracing the Owl One Prophecy, Two Destinies, Nine Worlds in Peril The Apocalyptic Prophecy, Asgard’s most ancient text, foretells the destruction of the Yggdrasil at the claws of a beast. When Odin is banished from Asgard, Loki is faced with a bitter choice, but it takes another five thousand years before the consequence of his choice bring the nine worlds to the edge of extinction. The prophecy also offers the hope. Two, coming from Midgard, are gifted with one chance to stop the beast from tearing the nine worlds asunder. Adam grows up on Midgard, a child prodigy living a solitary life. He meets Evie in a martial arts class where they begin as rivals, unaware that their births have already connected them to the deadly prophecy. Adam is drawn into a shabby bookshop and leaves with a channel that will propel them both into an incredible journey. Drawn from Midgard to the Well of Urd, from the roots of the Yggdrasil into the lair of the dragon Nidhogg and finally to Asgard itself, they search for the beast that has already signaled it knows they are coming. From a dragon with a fondness for sherry to white rabbits and a mad Hatjer, they discover that nothing is quite what it appears - especially the ancient gods of Asgard. With time running out and their lives in danger, Evie and Adam must face the beast, knowing that one mistake on their part will bring a fiery end to existence. The Norse myths, as you’ve never imagined them, is just part of the adventure in this fantasy set in the far future of Asgard.