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the Old Gods Return
Everyone in America knows that the Bible tells of the coming Apocalypse. When the one true god would come to make heaven on earth for his true followers. What if the part that the bible left out was that the false prophets were really the gods from the old time religions that would one day return? Katie is a caring and sweet Born Again Christian who works for her local church to help young pregnant mothers. She feels that saving as many souls that she can will help her fill her true purpose in life. She could not be happier to be with the one man she has loved over any others her entire life, God. Silvana is a heathen Atheist who first thinks that the only logical explanation to recent events was that someone drugged her. Now she has to learn how to get through these events that her belief system didn’t leave her completely equipped to deal with. She handles it well though, and will see a better world to come.