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The Other Side of Lily's Life
Joy Instead, author
When 13-year-old Lily Smith is asked by Orkeed and her handsome twin brother Indee to save the Realm, their heaven on the other side of the world, she thinks she’s dreaming. They look so great, with these pink eyes and blue hair of theirs and so many living tattoos chatting and strolling around their skin. And they call her “Your Excellency” and ride swanicorns! Lily’s so ordinary while they’re so awesome, how could she help them? Sure, Lily’s going crazy, she sees things that exist only in her head. With Mean Mindy bullying her at school, her father in his wheelchair, her homework, the swimming competition, the pressures of being a teenager and all the rest, that would make sense. But all that is true: without Lily to save them, the Kreatures of the Realm are lost! Even haughty, great-looking Leroy and his gorgeous and wealthy teenage friends the Eternals have no other choice but to bow in front of Lily and call her their Savior. And say ‘yes’ to her visiting E.I., their breathtaking island packed with all kinds of fantastic stores, giant concert halls and stunning palaces. But with the cruel Merciful Masters, the almighty Keeng and the revengeful Sharpees to plot in the shadows, Lily’s time in the Realm could be way less funny than expected… If only she could rely on Sol, this scary but irresistible guy who lives on his own on his ship in the middle of the ocean, to support her… But instead of being her best ally, he could prove terribly dangerous. First tome of the series, a great book of fantasy for tweens and teenagers, full to the brim with twists and turns, awesome characters and stunning places.