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Rachel McMinn
The Other side of Loneliness

Riley Michaelson feels all alone in the world. After her Father is killed in a tragic accident, she watches her entire life unravel as her Mother turns to drugs, alcohol and relationships with dangerous men to numb her pain. Riley tries hard to keep it all together, to project the image of everything being normal to the world around her. What happens when that reality crumbles?

Rachel McMinn's debut novel set to be released Spring 2016

Rachel McMinn's highly anticipated debut, The Other Side of Loneliness is set to be released in Spring of 2016. With just a few months before release, McMinn says she is working hard to fine tune her novel to perfection.The cover art for Ms.McMinn's novel was released on February 1st

The novel follows 16 year-old protagonist, Riley Michaelson as she learns to accept and embrace her new reality when her picture-perfect childhood, home and family fall apart.

McMinn says her novel was inspired by the determination, resilience and strength she has witnessed in many of her high school English students.

Ms.McMinn teaches high school English at The College and Career Readiness Center in Meriden, Connecticut and resides on the Connecticut shoreline.