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The Other Side of Olivia
Rena Johnson, author
The story of Olivia is a cautionary tale about winning at all cost. It examines what happens to a person who allows the disappointments of life to cause her to become bitter, vindictive, and paranoid. She mistakenly equates money and power with success. In the end, she realizes she has accomplished neither.
Southern Festival of Books - Nashville

Dear Readers:

I have some exciting news! The Southern Festival of Books will be heading to Nashville, TN, October 9-11. And, I would love to meet you there, and sign your personal copy of "The Other Side of Olivia." Please join me at the "Authors Circle" booth and I'll be happy to meet you and sign your book!

So, make your reservations, and get on down to Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books! See you there!

Rena Johnson