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The Physician of the Future Maximilian Bircher-Benner ISBN9783906089072
Andres Bircher, editor (anthology)
Dr. M.Bircher-Benner ISBN:9783906089072 This book by the ingenuous physician and pioneer of a scientifically based natural medicine is still highly relevant today. In his clinic, he has treated thousands of people from around the world to heal their chronic ailments considered incurable. It demonstrates the biographical path from a well-trained physician to a “new physician” who in every-day practice has recognized a totally new holistic view of a person, their biology and their soul. This is an ingenious point of view which leads the way out of the trap in which our medical world and health system find themselves today. TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface to the new edition 6 1 Introduction….13 Disposition-Childhood and youth experience as directing impulses- Getting used to unceasing, varied work-Choice of career 2 Studies in medicine The wonder of life, Disappointment, Abstinence, Hypnosis and suggestion..27 3 Practice The needs of disease and the failure of therapy-Errors, lack of knowledge and how to overcome it 4 The solution of nutritional question..48 Nutritional value-Revaluation-Unhealthy from wrong nutrition Nutritional diseases-Healing regime 5 Order Therapy..67 6 Psychotherapy..90 7 The new Physician as Doctor of the Body and Soul..109 8 Differences in Treatment…130 Max Oskar Bircher-Benner A biography overview by Dr.Ralph Bircher Bibliography..156