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The Ponzi
PT Dawkins, author
Michael Franklin Jr., a struggling stockbroker is trying to lead a normal, middle-town life but he has more pressure than he can handle – seemingly from all sides. His father, a superstar broker in his time, gives him his book of business just at the onset of one of the worst bear markets in history, and continues to chastise him as he has his entire life. Trying to manage dad’s former clients as best he can, Michael proceeds to lose one after another while a co-worker tries to stab him in the back for personal gain. Ultimately, Michael is fired due to lack of production/assets. His girlfriend, who has an undisclosed checkered history herself, decides to step in and take control by coming up with the Ponzi idea. She has to "sell" Michael on the merits of the plan. She says it is done all of the time in different forms. Telling him that he has had his chance to “provide” for them and that now it is her turn she threatens to leave him if he doesn't go along with her idea. As other things in Michael’s life collapse, he comes to believe that he has nothing else to lose. Ultimately, he must decide whether he will turn himself in to save others including a victim he has fallen deeply in love with, or choose the ultimate, and final, escape.