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Albert Mingo
The Power in You Revised 2014

Trebla Ognim says, " Do not let your past control your future. You don't live there anymore."


This book is about letting readers know that they need to let go of their Inferiority Complexes, Guilt Feelings, Criticisms, Denial, etc. by setting a goal for the future which will generate and motivate a person to achieve their goal leaving behind any negative brainwashing they received during their youth. They will be so engaged in their future that they won't have time to give any attention to their past - just looking toward their future. There are Chapters on any given negative experience such as rejection, loss, etc. that a person may have  lived that provides new information to overcome the emotional disruption. Setting goals is the way to going forward in life to reach ultimate achievements of self-satisfaction.Feelings of self-satisfaction cannot be taking away from a persons life. Self-satisfaction is the result of achieving a persons goal. Therefore, proving "You Can Live Your Dream."