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The Present Mother
When one mother dares to open her mind, cherish the stress of her mothering challenges, and turn it into a deeper connection with her children, it inspires other mothers to make the same radical transformation in their lives. Through your mothering struggles, The Present Mother facilitates you toward your own spiritual awakening. Part intimate memoir and part self-­inquiry workbook, it demonstrates an effective way to see and release the root cause of any type of disconnection you have with your child. It shows you exactly how to question the thoughts that cause any kind of confusion, dissatisfaction or stress you experience in your mothering. And it shows you exactly how to use those same thoughts to unlock your inner peace, happiness, and the deepest connection imaginable using this 40-day parenting workshop with your own spiritual guide: Yourself. With ingredients from the fields of Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Child Development, Yoga, and Spiritual Enlightenment, The Present Mother shows you a way to: - Understand the root cause of your parenting challenges with complete clarity and begin again in truly enjoying being a parent; - Work with your own thoughts so you can stop passing on any kind of unproductive patterns to your child and instead, pass on what you want; - Shed any guilt you feel over what you've said or done to your child in the past and repair your relationship so you can be a positive influence on your child again; - Melt away your worries about your child and instead, have quick, easy, complete access to your wisdom, creativity, kindness and joy; - Stop any doubts you have in your mothering abilities so you can more consistently be the powerful, loving leader you want to be for your child; - Be a fully present mother in body, mind and spirit.