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john cavi
john cavi, author
When GERALD W. BURKE, the president of the United States, gives the leaders of Israel and Palestine an ultimatum to settle the conflict on his terms—or else, he triggers a chain reaction that threatens his presidency and his life. Opposition to his Israeli policy is voiced by Congress, ALPAC—the powerful Israeli lobby, and al-Qaeda and the Israeli Conservative Alliance who conspire to scuttle the agreement by any conceivable means, including assassination. At the center of the action is ARI BUGARI, an Israeli undercover agent, recruited by Shalom Eitan, Mossad director general. He is infiltrated into Iraq, and recruited into al-Qaeda after Iraq is defeated by the Coalition Forces. Ari, who is of mixed Jewish and Muslim heritage, is tasked by al-Qaeda’s leadership to assassinate President Burke. He pursues Burke across three continents, and when Hannah Meir, his former lover, re-enters his life, Ari has a moral conflict with his role. Tensions mount when his al-Qaeda and Israeli masters question his loyalty. Caught between these two forces, Ari becomes the hunted quarry, and he and Hannah are forced into hiding when he learns the explosive truth that underlies his relationship with al-Qaeda and Mossad Director General, Shalom Eitan. Kathy Romano, Homeland Security analyst, and a former classmate of Hannah Meir, is tasked with tracking down President Burke’s assassin. She follows a labyrinth of clues that lead to a shocking discovery that could forever shatter the friendly relations between Israel and the United States. As Ari and Hannah run for their lives, and as Kathy Romano tracks down Burke’s assassin, President Burke is in a race against time to save the peace initiative, his life, and his presidency. The novel, plucked from today’s Middle-East headlines, both entertains and informs, but in its rawest sense, this thriller is a tale of adventure, intrigue, deception, betrayal, revenge, and redemption—entwined with the poignant love story of Ari and Hannah.