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Kirsten Fox
The Profitable Wine List

Adult; Food & Cooking; (Market)

Want profit from your wine list without becoming a sommelier? Is your wine list working for your customers? Are you making money on the wines you’re selling? Which wines go with your menu? How do you price wines? How can you add yet another job like wine training to your day? Are there tools that you must provide at your restaurant to serve wine? If you are thinking of starting or are in the middle of running a casual to mid-level U.S. restaurant, there are some simple ways to maximize your ability to make money from your wine list. Until now, wine discussion has centered on high-end restaurants, sommeliers, and how you should strive for the pinnacle of wine lists and service for your guests. Overkill for so many great casual restaurants. This book is a resource for the independent, hard-working restaurateur or manager who needs a framework, a system, a path that keeps wine from sucking energy and money down the drain. Discover how to create a wine list, key steps to server wine-sales training, and the foundation for serving a great wine product in your restaurant. Find resources, some free and some low-cost, that will assist you in taking control of this profit center. Want to get a jumpstart? Go to You don’t need to be a sommelier. You just need simple, easy-to-use steps to get this rolling. Start here.