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The Profiteer: War with Iran
Former FBI agent and corporate warrior, Steve Holmes, vindicates employees accused of sabotage and finds love while battling greed and corruption in a nuclear war with Iran. Greedy corporate leaders and corrupt politicians are the obstacles Steve Holmes must overcome to vindicate the valiant men and women who served as his contractor employees at Kratos before they were soldiers and Marines. Kratos, a name taken from the winged enforcer for the Olympian God Zeus, is an appropriate symbol for the largest defense contractor supporting the war in Iran. FBI Special Agent Sherry Adkison and Kratos executive Steve Holmes follow an international trail of spies and saboteurs that leads right back to the halls of Congress. The story opens in 2020 with an attack on a convoy delivering supplies to Forward Operations Bases in northern Iran near the Caspian Sea. Communications and intelligence failures cause the convoy to drive into the middle of a pitched battle between U.S. Army Rangers and Iranian guerilla fighters. Communication and intelligence failures had occurred before. These failures were no accident! Who sabotaged the convoys delivering supplies in Iran? Was it the greedy defense contractor? Or, maybe it was a Chinese agent or Iranian saboteur? Are U.S. spies to blame? How are our most powerful politicians involved? These are the questions Steve and Sherry must answer to discover who is leaking classified convoy travel and schedule intelligence to the Iranian Mujahideen. The mujahideen have killed hundreds of soldiers and Marines, and they have destroyed or stolen hundreds of millions of dollars in supplies and equipment.