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The Progenitors: Last Outpost of the SumerTol
After the loss of his wife, a widower takes his ten-year-old son on a road trip that eventually leads them to Roswell, New Mexico. There, they encounter a local tour guide who tricks them into activating a worm-hole generator that lands them on the planet Vatana where they learn that they each have specially engineered DNA and were meant to return to the Colonial Militia that an ancestral grandfather from three-hundred years before had escaped from. Not only is their instinctive prowess as Warriors of value to the Colonials, but a select group of Warrior Women also value them for their DNA as a means of procreating the next generation of Warriors. Can a 52-year-old Earthman and his 10-year-old son make a difference? With the help of their caretakers, Evelina and Kaira, the Si-Ubian and his son, Gerard, will march forth as the newest Warriors on Vatana.