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The Raider
Sixth-grader Micah Harrington Hess is fed up. The kids in middle school stare straight through him. Despite his natural friendliness and elementary-school successes, he’s invisible now. When he discovers that his ancestor Micah Harrington fought and raided with Jessup’s Loyal Rangers during the U.S. Revolution, Micah decides to imitate his risk-taking ancestor—to raid the unjust and help the helpless. Micah is ill-informed about the Revolution, but he’s positive no one ignores raiders. His mom says, “God sees you and likes what he sees.” Micah wants the kids at school to see him and like what they see, too. For the rest of the school year, Micah—with some help from his friends Luke and Mazi and his sister Jodie—perpetrates twelve raids against family, friends, neighbors, classmates, a deli, a car thief, and a mysterious backpack. Some of the raids bring triumph, others turmoil, and one brings near-tragedy. Can Micah figure out why half his raids backfire? Will he ever stop being a nobody? Does God see him at all?