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The Ravenhurst Legacy
Evil has an unquenchable thirst, knows no bounds and comes for you when you least expect it…whether it has a reason or not. Blood spilled forth, dark crimson pooling around them. They were dead. Murdered by the man standing over their lifeless bodies, the bloody knife still clutched in his hand. Slowly he turns and reaches for her. As the clouds part and the blood moon bathes the room red, a mysterious stranger suddenly pulls her to safety. Cassandra Lockhart’s nights are haunted by this same gruesome murder, while her days are haunted by the stranger who saves her. Then, one day, this stranger walks straight out of her nightmare and into her classroom. But if he’s real, then what about everything else? Luke Shelton is surprised to say the least when he walks into his new school and finds that the woman he’s been having nightmares about is real. Despite his efforts though, she ties to avoid him, and makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. But when they are brought together by a mutual friend, she can no longer hide. Together, they discover that there is something much more to these nightmares than just wild imaginations. Something sinister, deadly, and after Cassandra. As ghosts from a past Cassandra doesn’t even remember begin to surface, questions she’s had since she was a child will be answered, but at what cost? And will her answers be enough to save her when the devil comes?