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Kathy Banks
The Real Home School Handbooks
Kathy Banks, author
The Home School Handbooks are 3 booklets less than 50 pages each all about helping parents make home school not just more affordable, but enjoyable. There are the author's own lesson plans, schedules, high school credits, forms, resources of the best helps she used. Learn how this mom spent less than $500 in eleven years of home school. Learn how to let each child teach themselves. The author helps parents understand the alternative to traditional school is not to produce a cookie-cutter child, but to allow each student to excel in a way that is best for him. Some children are hands-on learners, some love to sit in desks with books & paper, some rather hop-scotch while learning math, some love to read about everything while some love to be outdoors. Let's let our smaller children be themselves while training them to be self-educators. Yes, you can do it, if you really want to. Home school is not an easy task, but it is rewarding for all involved. Join the largest growing educational group in America and the world.