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The ReGender App
What if there was an app that could cloak you in a cross-gendered hologram? And it had a voice modulation module? Women could present as men and get better-paying jobs. Men could present as women and get groped in the subway. Cool.

"This book is brilliant. … The premise is really intriguing … beta testers are sought for an app that can mask the gender of a person and change it to the opposite one by creating a hologram based on the person's initial appearance. … [T]he scene at the airport had me laughing out loud … [E]xtremely thought-provoking …."  Katya, Goodreads

Mesca Elin, Psychochromatic Redemption

"Could an App change our views of the world?  The ReGender App by Jass Richards might answer that question.  When I started reading this book, I had no idea how things are going to turn out. But must admit I was very impressed with it.  First and foremost the characters are really cool …  They are those type of people I’d like to hang out with.  Intelligent, witty, and adventurous. I enjoyed their dialogue and insights. ...   I loved the issues Jass Richards touched in this book. … It was interesting to see how things are being seen once you live in the shoes of the opposite sex and see the world through their eyes. ... This is a book I really recommend to any book club and to people who are interested in gender differences and gender discrimination."  Mesca Elin, Psychochromatic Redemption