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The Resolute Heart
In a small village in the Kingdom of Fife, 18 year old Mary Watson sees her new husband, Harry seized by the Press Gang into the Royal Navy. During the general tussle, a piece of parchment falls from the cloak of Setton , the Press-Gang captain. Mary grabs it, but is unable to read it later because the words are French. Mary decides to follow Harry. She takes the stagecoach to Edinburgh, hoping to help release him. Setton follows her to rescue the parchment, but fails. Mary follows the press-ganged men to London.. Ewan Cameron, an undercover agent for the government, is also on the coach. He w thinks she might be able to help the government and tries to recruit her to spy for the Government. Cameron will be Lieutenant on Harry’s boat, and will maintain contact. She refuses, and walks off towards the dockyards to find the boat. After some adventures, she finds Harry's boat. He is overjoyed to see her. Once on board, Mary becomes assistant to the surgeon. While nursing, she receives further intelligence as does Harry. They report to Cameron. They find Setton also on board. The mutineers fight with the loyalists, and Setton drags Mary down to the lower decks, with a pistol in her ribs, threatening to kill her. The mutineers are defeated, but Mary is still held hostage. Harry rescues her. The Battle of Trafalgar begins.