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The Revelations and Warnings of Jesus to His Church
Given that Jesus has issued a warning that in the end-times the church will be infiltrated with false prophets that will “mislead many,” and given that the book of Revelation was given to reveal future events in the end-times, and given that various interpretations of prophesies in the book are given by present-day biblical scholars, this book attempts to clarify an understanding of the revelations provided in the book by closely adhering to the messages given and avoiding giving interpretations that are not explicitly provided in scripture. It is important that the church becomes aware of the messages God has given to the church of our day so that it can be prepared to face the future and be ready to endure “to the end.” The author believes that the book of Revelation was not given as a puzzle to be decoded by scholars but, rather, as a series of messages that can be understood by ordinary people, so as to open their eyes as to all that God has prepared for those who love Him.
Betty Pollar; Kindle Customer


February 8, 2019

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