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The Rhombus
In the Dominican Republic, the Worlds most valuable uncut diamonds are stolen . The thieves draw unwanted attention to themselves and they have to bury the stones. But their recovery proves difficult. One member falls in love with Angelica, the daughter of the biggest crook on the island. One of the stones is worth $30 million, Greed , murder, jungle bandits, corrupt police and Caribbean pirates conspire to relieve them of their prize. The stage is set in the Dominican Republic. Billy, Dave, and Shaughn were normal-looking tourists in their early thirties. They had just performed the biggest heist in Dominican history, and the police were upset. They had executed a daring raid on an art exhibition at the Porta Plata Civic Centre. Using tear gas and smoke grenades, they walked away with millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Edged on by their criminal minds, they buried d stolen diamonds and got away unscathed. Three years later, the diamonds are still waiting to be retrieved.a book of great suspense.