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The Rise Of Venom
Ancient Naagmanav clans namely Vasuki, Sheshnaag and Takshaks still exist but stay underground. A series of events in the present world leave them no choice but come forward for their cause. The life sustaining element of the universe , Amrit, is threatened as the vicious Takshaks under the leadership of Kaalsarp are in search of Kaalkoot, the most lethal venom of the universe.The Amrit originated from the Samudramanthan,the great cosmic churn that gave rise to this universe, alongside Kaalkoot, its anti-matter. Shiva from the Godverse, one of the creators of this universe, held most of the Kaalkoot inside him to protect the life in the universe from annihilation even before creation.A portion of Kaalkoot that remained , is hidden somewhere protected by the Vasukis. The Takshaks hold a chronic vengeance against humans since the times of Mahabharata.The Takshak king then had King Parikshit assassinated and in retaliation the united human kingdoms massacred Naagmanavs and the few who survived went to live into secrecy and slowly over time, they became a myth. But, not anymore as Kaalsarp tries to take control of the world by creating weapons of mass destruction from Kaalkoot as he believes that the chaos will give rise to an order, his order. A team of humans and Naagmanavs join forces to stop Kaalsarp from fulfiling his evil plans. Therafter starts a thrilling adventure that tests their strength and wits to the limits to defeat the common enemy in order to save the world. The novel connects aspects of mythology,facts and science together, weaving a story that does not let the readers put it down until finished.