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The RiverCliffe Legacy
Dee Ernst, author
Three years after her divorce, Risa Armitage was still trying to get back on her feet when an unexpected inheritance from the family she never knew seemed to answer to all her prayers. RiverCliffe, a successful inn along the Hudson River, promised the security Risa had been longing for. It was also the perfect place for her and her three kids to spend the summer while trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. But RiverCliffe was more that just a financial windfall, and as she slowly learned the story of RiverCliffe, and of the father who abandoned her before she was born, Risa found herself drawn more and more to a place that had, for generations, remained tied to the women in the family. As each of her children found their place at RiverCliffe, so did Risa, and by embracing her unexpected past, she found herself looking ahead to a future of permanence and, quite possibly, love. With warmth, humor, and a bit of help from beyond, The RiverCliffe Legacy tells of Risa’s journey toward realizing who she is, and her place in the world